Oil Vapor Removal (OVR)

Manufactured from extruded aluminum, the Parker domnick hunter OVR is smaller and lighter than equivalent carbon towers. Compact activated carbon cartridges utilize a unique filling technique to maximize packing density of the adsorbent bed. Retained to prevent movement, 100% of the activated carbon bed is then utilized during operation, guaranteeing performance, whilst the heavy attrition, dusting and blocked particulate filters associated with carbon tower designs is eliminated. The use of cartridges also provides trouble free maintenance, reducing system downtime.

Oil free plant air can be affected by many factors such as pressure, temperature, air flow, oil concentration and humidity. The OVR selection process considers all of these factors to ensure consistent outlet air quality over 12 months of continuous operation.


  • Air Quality Guarantee
    OVR is matched to all inlet parameters maintaining effective operation for 12 months. Correct sizing ensures seasonal variations in temperature do not affect delivered air quality
  • Suitable for use with oil lubricated and oil free compressors
    OVR provides ‘Technically Oil Free Air’ when used in conjunction with water separators and coalescing filters
  • Delivered air quality to ISO8573-1 Class 0 or ISO8573- Class 1 for total oil
    Tested in accordance with ISO8573-5 and 3rd party performance validated by Lloyds Register
  • Plant Scale or application specific oil vapor removal.
    Can be installed in the compressor room for plant scale protection, at point of use to protect critical applications(or both if old, contaminated piping is in use)
  • FDA Title 21 compliant & EC1935 exempt
    Materials of construction make OVR suitable for use with applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries
  • Unique adsorbent fill technique
    Providing maximum packing density, eliminating dusting, performance degradation and blocked outlet filters
  • Modular construction
    Large capacity bed reduces the number of units required
    but still offers a compact and light weight design with flexible inlet / outlet connectivity
  • Simple, easy maintenance Servicing of OVR is easy as piping can remain in-situ, whilst use of active carbon cartridges offers quick, clean, simple maintenance
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